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Repairing & replacing leaking & burst water pipes in Bungendore

Emergency water leaks Bungendore. We locate, repair, replace & reroute leaking & burst plastic hot & cold water pipes in Bungendore. Call for help today.

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water leak repairs in Bungendore

Did you know?

If you have leaking Buteline plastic water pipes you are not alone. We have become aware that numerous homes that were built between 2008 and 2011 in the Bungendore region are experiencing the same issues. Some of these homes have had multiple water leaks in their Buteline plastic plumbing pipes. We are aware of two houses that have had more than four leaks in five years. Unfortunately, if you have had one leak, you are likely to have more. These leaks have caused significant damage that some insurers are now refusing to cover.

Normally, with most leaking plastic pipes, we find that the joints between the pipes and fittings have failed. However, in Bungendore we have found that the black plastic pipe itself is leaking. The pipes have burst laterally. Normally, plastic and metal pipes will burst longitudinally. We have been informed that Buteline, suggests that the bursts are likely the result of poor installation practices. Given the number of homes involved, we cannot be completely satisfied that this is true in every case.

What is the Remedy?

Apart from fixing each leak as it occurs and putting up with the damage and inconvenience, the only other remedy is to replace all of the plastic water pipe between the water meter and the house and all of the plastic water pipes in the walls. It is best to replace the plastic pipe with copper pipes. In 2017 this is likely to cost $21,000.00 plus the cost of plastering and painting. This may add $1,500.00 – $3000.00 to the costs. This price is based on a four bedroom, two bathroom, single storey dwelling.

Who can do this?

We can help. Our qualified team of plumbers are experts at re-routing water pipes. We assess each house to ensure minimal impact on you and your home.

What is the process?

You call us. We inspect and assess your home. We formulate a plan to ensure minimal impact to your walls, tiling, water proofing, gardens and your life. We provide homeowners with a clear plan of what we intend to do. We then make a firm booking to start and complete the work. As the work is progressing, we keep your home clean and safe. The new copper pipes are installed and the new pipes are tested. The walls are patched and painted. You can elect to have us arrange the painting and patching or you can elect to do it yourself to save money.

Will you be without water and will you have to move out?

NO, you will not have to move out. You may be without water during the day while we are working on your plumbing. You will never be completely without water at night. When we assess your home we ensure that the work can be completed so that you have at least one working toilet, shower and sink every night. While working, and every afternoon before leaving, we clean up so that your home is safe.

How long does a complete water re-route take?

Each home is different. Typically, a four bedroom two bathroom home will take five days to replace the internal pipe work and two days to replace the external pipe work.

What if it is an emergency?

If you have an urgent or emergency water leak in Bungendore, call us now. We can guide you on how to best stop the flow of water until one of our water leak experts arrive.  If possible, we will repair the burst pipe immediately. Alternatively, we will cap the leaking section of pipe, so that you can continue to have a water supply, while waiting for your re-route.

We also provide leak locating, pipe inspections and repairs in these NSW localities.

Bywong, Burra, Canberra, Carwoola, Googong, Gundaroo, Gunning, Hall, Jerrabomberra, Murrumbateman, Queanbeyan, Sutton, Tharwa & Wamboin Williamsdale.

Call for help today.  Emergency water leaks Bungendore. We locate, repair, replace & reroute leaking & burst plastic hot & cold water pipes in Bungendore. Call for help today.

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