What to do about Pro fit polybutylene water pipe leaks in Canberra

Repair fittings used for temporary repair on Pro-Fit Polybutylene under a bath in Canberra If you have a home in Canberra that was built or renovated since 1988 onwards, there is a very good chance you have plastic water pipes. It’s possible your plastic pipes may be the grey pipe known as Pro-fit polybutylene, Poly

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How much water can a leaking toilet waste?

Have you ever wondered how much water your leaking toilet can waste in a day? Have you tried to translate this into actual dollars lost per billing cycle? Believe it or not, the average leaking toilet can lose between 30,000 litres and 70,000 litres between every water bill. Next time you are trying to go

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The benefits of a thermal imaging camera

Thermal imaging cameras have plenty of uses in Canberra. A thermal imaging camera can be used to find hot and cold water leaks, electrical faults, friction in machinery and heat loss in buildings. We mainly use a thermal camera in Canberra to help find water leaks in hot and cold pipes. Getting the location of

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